Enriching the
A Commitment
to Giving Back

Enriching the Community: A Commitment to Giving Back

Paw It Forward stands as a shining testament to the power of compassion and community support. As a family-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our unwavering commitment is to bridge gaps and provide financial assistance to pets and their humans facing adversities. Through our dedicated veterinary clinic, Healthy Pets Urgent Care, Paw It Forward offers a lifeline of no-cost veterinary care to pets of unhoused owners and individuals without the means to access urgent medical treatment for their beloved pets.

A Beacon of Hope for Pets and People

A Beacon of Hope
for Pets and People

Paw It Forward’s mission shines as a beacon of hope in a world where challenges abound. At the heart of our endeavor stands Healthy Pets Urgent Care, where our team of compassionate veterinary professionals dedicates their expertise to ensure that pets in need receive the care they deserve.

For unhoused individuals, their pets often stand as loyal companions, providing a source of comfort and connection. At Paw It Forward, we recognize this bond and ease the burden by providing the funds for essential veterinary services at no cost and providing financial assistance for pet emergency care services.

Empowering Change, One Treat at a Time

Paw It Forward’s reach continues beyond veterinary care. Our commitment to change extends to our Happy Pets Bakery, a delightful establishment where pets’ taste buds are met with joy and nourishment. What sets this bakery apart is its dual purpose—beyond crafting treats that delight pets, a portion of the bakery’s proceeds directly fuels Paw It Forward’s mission. Every treat purchased isn’t just a treat for one pet; it’s also a contribution to the well-being of others in the community.

Fostering Unity Through Acts of Kindness

The story of Paw It Forward and Happy Pets Bakery is one of community coming together in the spirit of kindness. By offering a way for people to support the cause while pampering their pets, Paw It Forward forges connections that go beyond individual efforts. It’s a reminder that giving can be a simple, daily act – purchasing a treat for a pet becomes a gesture of goodwill that ripples through the lives of many.

A Legacy of Love and Care

A Legacy of Love and Care

In a world often rife with challenges, Paw It Forward is a haven of compassion, a family-run endeavor that seeks to mend what’s broken and uplift what’s burdened. Through Healthy Pets Urgent Care and Happy Pets Bakery, we create a mission of love, care, and positive change, leaving a legacy that inspires us all to Paw It Forward.